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Make a Difference by Expressing Yourself

Welcome to the intersection of socks and problems. The very fabric of Sock Problems is to give when you receive.

What Problem Will You Help Sock?

25% of your purchase goes directly to our Charity Navigator approved partners:

Sock Cancer

1.7 million people learned they had cancer in 2016.

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Sock Climate Change

Scientists predict a 6 degrees Celsius climb in the 21st century.

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Sock Extinction

Striving to save African rhinos, pandas, penguins and more.

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Sock Hate

Hate crimes remain a tormenting reality today.

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Sock Racism

Confronting skin-deep discrimination and ignorance.

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Sock Inequality

United together regardless of gender or sexual preference.

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Sock Prostate Cancer

It’s the second most common cancer among all men.

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Sock Problems

Empower us to better share our purpose with the world.

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Sock Covid19

We're in this together.

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Sock Breast Cancer

Over 110 women die daily from breast cancer.

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Our Story

Here’s why we decided to care, wear, and share.


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How We Give

Learn how we make good on our word and your dollar.

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