Proud To Be Featured Alongside The Honest Kitchen As An 'Innovative Company Extending Pet Lives'

Proud To Be Featured Alongside The Honest Kitchen As An 'Innovative Company Extending Pet Lives'

We're proud to be featured alongside The Honest Kitchen, Waggit, and Fetch Eyewear in Pet Desk's recent blog post "5 Innovative Companies That Are All About Extending Pet Lives."

Thank you Pet Desk! We love helping Paw Works find homes for fur babies in need. Read on to learn about other companies making a difference for pets with their awesome products.


5 Innovative Companies That Are All About Extending Pet Lives

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably come across a moment in which you’re shopping online or in-store and you see something that your fur baby just HAS to have.

We’ve been there…a lot. 

Now, what if every single one of these purchases also contributed to a greater cause?

Here are five companies making stellar products while aiming to  extend pet lives through technology and supporting good causes:


A Waggit Smart Collar sitting on the counter next to a smartphone.

With the advent of wearable technology like smartwatches and fitness trackers, it seemed natural to extend that technology to start monitoring your pet’s health. 

The Waggit is a smart wearable collar designed to monitor your dog’s important vital updates. With GPS technology and mobile app integration, you can track the resting vitals of your dog and get alerted if anything unusual happens.

By monitoring your pet’s health, the Waggit can help you be more proactive with preventive care by alerting of you of unusual activities.

Sock Problems

Brad Goreski and Kaley Cuoco sitting and wearing Sock Problems "Adopt, Don't Shop" socks.

With more than just pet care in mind – Sock Problems is partnering with several different charities around the nation to provide fundraising opportunities for good causes.

With several different designs for a variety of charities, Sock Problems pledges to donate anywhere between 25-50% of proceeds of their sock sales to a charity. Their latest partnership? Working with Kaley Cuoco, Brad Goreski, and the Paw Works rescue organization to help provide care to shelter animals in need.

The Honest Kitchen

With a lot of unknowns surrounding the pet food industry, The Honest Kitchen is looking to take away the mystery of pet food and making human-grade meals an easy and affordable option for your pets.

Made with the highest quality standards, The Honest Kitchen has created dehydrated food formulas that are safe even for human consumption. By moving towards the dehydrated route, The Honest Kitchen has been able to provide nutritious meals to pets all around the nation. By feeding your pets higher quality meals, your pets will get the right nutrients they’ll need to live a long and happy life.

West Paw Design

Dog chewing a West Paw toy on a rug.

West Paw Design is focused on creating durable and eco-friendly toys and products for your pets. Known for their dog toys for tough chewers, West Paw keeps pups entertained for hours with FDA-approved natural rubber that is 100% recyclable. Not only will the toys give your pets fun mental stimulation to keep them in tip-top shape, but these toys are great for the planet as well.

Made in the USA and guaranteed for a lifetime, West Paw has even created a recycling program to ensure that their products stay green forever.

Fetch Eyewear

Woman wearing fashionable glasses holding two orange kittens.

If you’re a pet parent in need of fashionable frames or eyewear, either for prescription or just for the sun, Fetch Eyewear is a philanthropic company dedicated to giving 100% of their profits to animal welfare.

Benefitting the Pixie Project, a rescue organization in Oregon that helps provide animal care for low-income families, Fetch Eyewear is dedicated to providing pet parents a way to express themselves through a fashionable option that also benefits an important cause that they believe in.

Do you know of any other companies that should be on this list? Comment below and we’d be happy to add them. Happy shopping!

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